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The highest earning real estate agents know that great real estate photography leads to faster sales and higher prices.  Over 80% of surveyed buyers say that property photographs are the most important factor in picking which properties to pursue.  We can teach anyone to take better photos and sell properties faster - you don't have to be a pro photographer!  Order our course now and learn what the top real estate teams already know about how to sell real estate faster with great photos.

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What you will learn:

- Basic equipment needed for great property photography every time
  (and the maximum you should spend on equipment)
- Exactly which camera models work best for real estate photography
- How to keep rooms from looking dark and gloomy
- How to avoid rooms feeling smaller than they actually are
- Where to stand to shoot different types of rooms
- How to adjust colors for different types of lighting
- When to use the flash, and when it can ruin your shot
- Which time of day to find the best lighting
- Furniture staging basics for fantastic property photos
- 10 tricks for bringing out the best in badly decorated rooms
- How and why to keep walls straight in your photos
- How to optimize your photos for different advertising formats
- Effectively utilize natural and available light sources
- The five critical shots for selling property fast
- Why the exterior picture is usually the most important
- Why you MUST use a 'wide angle' lens for interior shots
- How and why to get bright, airy interior shots
- 7 steps to great kitchen photos
- 5 essentials for irresistible living room shots
- How to share your property photography online in under 5 minutes!
- Tips for leveraging your photo portfolio to get more listings
- How to coach sellers to prepare for great photo shoots
- Creating 'hooks' that sell buyers before they visit the property!

Learn only what you need to know.

Our course won't make you a photography 'expert'!
What it will do is teach you exactly what you need to know to take photos that sell property.  We don't waste your time with technical jargon or complicated theory.

"This course is so simple and straightforward, I was able to follow it without any photography background at all" - Rachel W., California

Take better photos in 3 hours!

We've all seen bad real estate photos - pictures that are too dark, too blurry, or taken at bad angles.  Bad real estate photography distracts buyers from what you want them to focus on - the property!  The good news is that you don't have to spend years learning to take good pictures - in 3 hours we can teach you to take pictures that sellIf you follow the steps from our course, you will be taking better pictures in no time.  We guarantee it.

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Top real estate agents understand the value of great real estate photography, and you should too if you want to grow your real estate business.  If you follow our course to improve the quality of your listing photos, you will see an immediate increase in sales.  In fact - If your property photography isn't generating more buyer interest within 90 days after taking our course, we'll give you a no hassle 100% refund, including shipping costs!

"Calls about our listings more than doubled within two weeks after we started paying attention to the quality of the photos on our web page!  I wish we would have done it sooner."
 - Bill S., Massachusetts

Bring out the best in every room.

We'll show you why almost every room falls into one of three categories, and show you step by step how to set up your camera to showcase the best qualities of every room.

Designed by real estate professionals, for real estate professionals.

Our course is designed with you in mind, so you won't get bored with irrelevant information and details that won't help you.
We understand that your business is real estate, not pro photography!

Complete course package includes:

- Instant access to exclusive online video tutorials

- 3 Volume DVD Course with 12 lesson modules
  DVD 1 : Introduction: Equipment and Technique
  DVD 2 : Basic Lighting for Real Estate Photography
  DVD 3 : Guide to Staging, Shooting, and Selling
- 10 page quick start and field reference guide

- Online access to over 50 pages of training including:

   - Step by step notes to accompany each lesson module
   - Practice assignments for perfecting your technique
   - Photo Staging checklist to share with sellers